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A Love Gift

This Christmas, instead of buying a gift, how about creating one that expresses your love? You may be fixated on getting that big item purchase, but I would like you to consider something different this year. Write down six specific characteristics that you love about your significant other, best friend, or other family member. Not one word attributes, but full sentences! Take your time as you think about how s/he inspires you, makes you feel, and what s/he does for others; you will probably come up with many more attributes! Then use your imagination to print the sentences on beautiful paper, make a Christmas card, blow it up for a giant wall mounting, engrave it in a picture frame, or something else that would be great with your imprint.

At the gift-giving time, create a romantic atmosphere. You may want to fill the space with fond memories of where/when you first met or other favorite items and scents. Set the mood with soft music and that special alcoholic/non-alcoholic beverage. Have the person unwrap the gift and slowly read aloud what you wrote. You will see and feel the love emanating from her/him to you. What a gift!

Some of you may have done this before, so feel free to share your experience here.

God gave us a love gift in His son, Jesus. As you share your gifts in different ways this Christmas, may you be filled with the joy and happy memories of the season to make it the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

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