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Are you bearing any grudges or feel burdened because you can’t forgive someone? Well, it’s time to let go! “Gail, you don’t know what they did to me. It was so bad that if you were in my shoes you would feel the same way.” I know, I know…and do understand how your feelings of hatred or revenge can blind you to such an extent that you cannot be in the same room with the person or hear his/her name. It may not even be someone you know personally; recent events in the news have us all reeling. But all that negative stuff wreaks havoc on the mind.

Similarly, it’s not only resentments that keep us from moving forward, hoarding does the same. The same way things clutter the home; bitterness can clutter the mind and prevent you from freeing your soul. You stop thinking clearly and get bogged down with so much excess.

People who have passed don’t get second chances to right the wrongs they wished they had. We have the opportunity to either make things right or get on with our lives. I have often listened to people talk about childhood incidents that still have an impact on them today and I wondered what it would take for them to be made whole.

One way of moving on is to help someone. Research has shown that giving of ourselves results in greater benefits to our brain than receiving. We all feel good when we are paid a compliment, but it does a double dose on the brain when we praise someone else. Then, of course, there is the biblical scripture, “It is more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35). With all that’s going on in your life, you may not feel in the least bit charitable. However, even when you are at a low point, someone can brighten your outlook. It’s not always about giving a monetary gift, but can be as simple as greeting others with a gracious smile, listening attentively, sharing a meal or even a joke. Forget about grievances and pick up the phone to talk. You may find that the gulf shrinks as soon as the first word is spoken, and you are back on track picking up where you left off those weeks, months, or even years ago.

My friends, lifting up others can add years to your life and boost your morale. We do not know the hour or day when we will depart from this world, so why continue to live with resentments? Do yourself a favor and change your mindset by reaching out and helping others. You will reap its cleansing rewards as you get on with your life. Need more persuasion, listen to Diana Ross.

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