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The Blues

Oh, what a beautiful morning Oh, what a wonderful day I’ve got a beautiful feeling Everything's going my way

You may have the blues and don’t feel like singing this chorus, but take a look at the words again and get into the feeling!

It is easy to be “down in the dumps” when life throws you a curve ball. People may tell you to look at the bright side of things, but sometimes you just wallow in self-pity. I know that it can sometimes be difficult to lift ourselves out of the doldrums, but we all have the choice to do so. I think about the instances when I disobeyed a traffic signal, praying that I wouldn’t see the blinking lights of a police car or worse the flash of the traffic camera! And then when I did get caught and received the ticket, was mad that it happened…why, oh why, did I do that? Or the times when my mind would say, You’ve had enough; you shouldn’t have any more. But my stomach would counter, Ah come on, a little more bread, chocolate, ice cream, or wine wouldn’t hurt. Then my expanding waist line gives me the wake-up call…aaargh! Such little things can trigger a switch to the blues.

Alternatively, you may have what seems an insurmountable problem, which of course is not to be taken lightly and would entitle you to be angry and sad. However, Mother Teresa’s point of view was “Never let anything so fill you with sorrow as to make you forget the joy of Christ risen.” We all can choose an optimistic way to respond to challenges. While it may take some a little longer than others, it’s a beginning. On occasion, I have observed people in social settings who looked unhappy being there and I wondered why they even bothered to show up. Do a mental shift and change the dynamic to free yourself of the blues. Here are a few suggestions:

Laugh – Watch a funny movie on your phone/TV, or better yet, go to the theater. You probably get a barrage of jokes on social media or by text from friends, laugh out loud when you read them and save the good ones to replay. John Gray, a pastor, puts it this way, “Joy disarms the broken heart and allows healing to begin.”

Visualize – Most athletes do this when training and you can do the same by picturing yourself getting well or doing something fun. It’s your movie, so the sky’s the limit as to what you can dream up.

Mingle – Walk outside and people watch; smile at someone or even strike up a conversation. Get together with friends to do your favorite thing. Volunteer to help someone in whatever way you can. Go to a playground and watch kids at play; as you reminisce about your childhood you might even join them!

Dance – Dance…and do it like no one’s watching!

Sing – You must have a favorite artist and tune; play the song and sing at the top of your voice! Here’s Ray Charles, join him in singing the chorus lustily.

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