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How is your day going? Are you experiencing one of those, “I can’t believe this is happening” days? We all have problems pop up no matter who we are or what our circumstances. There can be big issues or petty annoyances, such as an irritating coworker, backed-up traffic, crowded train, and, yes, your loved one getting on your nerves. Recently I was in a line, silently fuming at the actions of a lethargic cashier and hoping I didn’t get called to him. But I did; and I sarcastically asked him if he needed to take a break. To my chagrin, he launched into this long story of having to work double shifts, coming into work in the wee hours of the morning, and having to deal with long lines. Wow, didn’t expect that! I empathize and told him that he needed to take his break now…loud enough for his supervisor to hear me, but I didn’t dare look back at the customers behind me in the line!!

When I find myself rolling my eyes or groaning inwardly in these situations, I chalk it up to being tired, in need of a vacation, or experiencing a spiritual disconnect. Allowing annoyances, especially heighten when in a rush, to affect us is not good for our disposition and overall health. It is much better to pause and find a way to make the situation better or shift focus completely from the exasperation in front of us. We should take deep breaths to remain calm, quietly pray to avoid confrontation, and thank the Lord! You ask, “Thank the Lord for this mess?” Crazy as it may seem, you got that right.

On special occasions at the dinner table, a family tradition of ours is for each person to speak about what they are thankful for. This should be a daily gratitude habit for everyone. When you begin to cultivate gratitude in your heart, people and things don’t affect you as much. Think about your good health, great friendships, and your lifestyle, then think about the silly inconvenience that is affecting you right now. Is it really worth it to get riled up? What will you do when confronted by a grave situation? With Thanksgiving over, Christmas in a week, and the New Year around the corner, let peace, forgiveness, love, joy, and gratitude reign in your heart as you appreciate this day for all the blessings you have. If you still believe you are having a bad day and want to remain grumpy, click on the awesome video below to see how Nick handles his day:

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