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Fall is Here!

I am a summer girl, no coincidence that I was born in August! While many cry out about the heat, I bask in the sun. Now here comes fall, or autumn, depending on which word evokes your sigh of pleasure for cool weather. Fall has its beginnings in the new school year, TV shows, football season, and, of course, those beautiful, colored leaves! On the flip side, so much tension and tragedy greeted us this fall season. How does one prepare for an unexpected, brutal loss? How does one articulate words of empathy?

I watched in horror and dismay as Hurricane Katrina wreaked havoc and caused extensive damage; levees broke and homes and people were swept away. It was a sad day in New Orleans and even as I now write these words, the images of over ten years ago are still imprinted in my mind. When Superstorm Sandy damaged my home, I had first-hand knowledge of what those people experienced with Katrina. My home was no longer livable, no electricity, no water. I recall scenes of long lines for food and clothes; cars on top of houses; boats on the road; army tanks in the streets; in addition, there was the anger and frustration at the slow movement of resources.

We sometimes go through life blissfully unaware, but in a twinkling of an eye all that could change when something hits home. I wrote in my book that we are all connected by an invisible thread. While recent events have become common occurrences and may have made us numb, it would be folly to believe that they, or the remnants there of, would not affect us. These two storms are fresh in my mind, especially now with the horrific death toll in Haiti due to Hurricane Matthew.

Am I advocating to live in fear, no; compassion, yes! So, by all means, enjoy this fall season, but with eyes wide open.

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