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Spring is in the air! I woke up with a smile on my face as I stretch to welcome a new day. Walking along the road I saw an awesome sunrise and when I felt the warmth of the sun on my face I raised my head and opened my mouth as if to drink it all in. Yes, I do get excited at the glory of a new morn especially when the temperature is ideal!

With the advent of this season, we all get another opportunity for a fresh start. Unlike the angst at the beginning of the New Year with making resolutions (which we may have already reneged on), spring seems more forgiving. It blows in, and we feel energized to review our goals, rearrange our home or office space, reconnect with old acquaintances...a number of options to re-do. Or we can forge a new path. That dream we have, thing we love to do, or promise we procrastinated about, we may now consider without any pressure. We can take action regardless of how small it is, which can be as simple as playing hooky for a day or taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Whatever it is, this spring day seems like a good one to initiate change.

So, catch the spring fever! Step out today and look around to take in the budding flowers popping out of the ground, the chirping birds flying in the air, and the pulsating voices with perhaps different accents of the people nearby. A great day to be alive and well…another day of God’s blessings!

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