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Turn it around!

We all have been disappointed at some point in our lives, so know the bitter taste it can leave in our mouths. Disappointment always comes at the wrong time and hits like a whammy! It can be in the form of someone letting us down by saying or doing something hurtful and out of character, or from a lost opportunity or failed expectation.

When things don’t work out for me, my first reaction is disbelief—say this is not happening! Then comes sadness, followed by that well-known, one-word question, why? Depending on what it is, the disappointed feeling may last from a few minutes, with a “oh well” shrug, to days as I recall the issue…aargh, lots of SMH! The latter occasions called for much prayer as I go through the futility of the countless “what if” reasons.

It doesn’t bode well to allow the sinking feeling of disappointment to percolate as it can turn into depression or anger. Although for some people it has to sit for a while before being purged, the key is to let it go sooner rather than later. While this can be a frustrating period, it can be useful for self-reflection. What were you thinking when you pinned your hopes, dreams, and aspirations on that questionable venture? Were you disappointed because you “expected” someone to do something that didn’t materialize? Well, did you articulate your expectations? Do your upset dance, but then regroup and move forward. Side bar: men often say that women don’t articulate what they want but expect them to read their minds; women, don’t do this!

Flip the disappointment switch…you wouldn’t have known the true feelings of the friend if he/she hadn’t disappointed you; you got turned down for the promotion/new job, but a better opportunity turned up later. Life isn’t always going to work out as planned. People are not constantly going to fall in line with your program and may just be in your life for a season, so be grateful for the learning experience they bring. Use the disappointment as motivation to try harder to reach your goal or look for new ways to overcome the setback.

God has our best interests at heart: “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. (Jeremiah 29:11). Do not let disappointment, in whatever form it comes, drain your energy.

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