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How Can I Help?

Gail Oliver Cambridge | July 1, 2021

How do you respond to an offer for help?

How can I help? When uttered, these simple but powerful words can bring welcome relief and provide comfort. In national emergencies, people reach out through various methods to assist. This outpouring is a blessing to those in dire straits. However, it shouldn’t be a one-off for only those type of situations. We can give assistance at any time and for the easiest of things—getting an item off the top shelf for someone unable to reach it, helping an elderly person across the road, clearing the snow for a single mother, encouraging someone to reach a goal, connecting a friend with a business contact, and so on. Of course, we must be weary of the freeloaders! The point is to look for ways we can enhance each other’s lives—whether through a simple kindness or a selfless act of charity. When we see or hear of people helping others, we are galvanized into action. This ripple effect can lead to stronger connections and a spirit of community. Asking a person how I can help evokes deep emotions in me. My ability to do whatever it is lightens my mood and fills me with joy as I go about the task. As Robert Ingersoll stated, “We rise by uplifting others.” But what happens when we are on the receiving end of the offer of a helping hand? The folks who do not accept help miss out on the opportunity to experience an intangible benefit. Their reasons for rejecting assistance can vary. For example, they may feel embarrassed, undeserving, fear appearing weak and unable to take care of their business, or they may have the situation under control. If you are in this category, whatever your reasons, remember the offer is coming from a place of compassion so allow your heart to be warmed by the gesture.

Let’s not go around with closed eyes and hands. We should be opened to giving and receiving as it drives an energy flow. Through this give and take, we all get to experience a feeling of goodwill in mind, body, and soul. This way of living is a great legacy to leave behind. So, don’t wait to be prompted, reach out today!

Barack Obama reminds us, “If you go out and make some good things happen, you will fill the world with hope, you will fill yourself with hope.”

Now, how can I help you? Hit me up!!


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