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How Will You Respond?


I mentioned in a recent blog that you should say “no” to the things you don’t want to do. While I still hold that to be true, especially in cases where someone is pressuring you, I do believe that you should be aware of your motives before saying “no.” You may be unavailable or have other genuine reasons in denying the request. However, I hope the reason isn’t that you are afraid to get out of your cocoon. Yes, I know it feels good being in your comfort zone, going along your merry way with your regular schedule. Nevertheless, there are times when you should take a chance and do something different. It may be unfamiliar but can offer the opportunity for growth and the experience of something new.

Someone recently asked me to do something I wasn’t comfortable doing. However, the “ask” was so persuasive and powerful that I immediately said “yes.” When it dawned on me all that it entailed, I groaned and fretted to the point of pulling out...but knew I couldn’t do that. The result was that it pushed me mentally and physically, as I stayed prayed up throughout the process. Last April, I talked about how someone may see your potential, but you may be blinded to it. Hasn’t a friend, coworker, club member ever said to you, “This position would be perfect for you”? With your response being, “Who me, oh no!” I must admit I reacted in similar fashion.

Director/Producer Shonda Rhimes used to say “no” to opportunities outside of her comfort zone, but that changed when she embarked on a year of saying “yes.” She documented her journey in her book, Year of Yes: How to Dance It Out, Stand In the Sun and Be Your Own Person. The legendary Carlos Santana stated in an interview that people should reinvent themselves every day. He is 72 years old and released a new album this year. Okay, so you don’t want to take the chance with a bold move, but how about a hobby? You have an interest in something, but too lazy to take it up…oh yes, I see you sitting on the couch! Don’t be stagnated doing the same thing every day. Millennials go after what they want, but baby boomers, not as much. You shouldn’t close off yourself at any age, so please don’t make old age a factor. You have the time to do whatever you like, arthritis be damned!

My prayer is for you to say Yes to Life! Someone is beckoning or something is stirring in your heart, don’t squash it, respond affirmatively. I know it’s scary to try new things, but you’ll never know the horizons it would open for you to enjoy. Of course, the most important “yes” you can say is to accept Christ in your life!

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