Getting Over The Hurt

Most of us have been hurt by someone at some point in our lives, and we have shrugged it off, dealt with it, or kept it on our minds. Each person reacts differently, and most move on. However, some find it difficult to get over a past hurt. Are you one of those persons? If yes, what is your reason for holding on to the hurt? Do you really want to let go? Take the story of Pat and her husband, Michael. Pat sensed that something was up with Michael. He was not as warm as he used to be and became impatient and annoyed at everything she did. She tried to get him to talk about what was bothering him, but could not get through to him. She thought the problem was his job, but it was not. She dismis

Friendship - A Valued Relationship

The scripture of Mark 2:1–5 records one of my favorite biblical story of friendship. It is about four men who took their paralyzed friend to Jesus to be healed. As I reflected on the story, I could not help but be amazed at their tenacity in going the extra mile for their friend. In my imagination, I believe that they had heard about Jesus and his amazing powers of healing and decided to take their friend to see him. They got him ready and went to the house where Jesus was preaching. As they approached the house, they saw a large number of people. “So many gathered that there was no room left, not even outside the door, and he preached the word to them” (Mark 2:2). The crowd was so huge,

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